Electronic Displays

With almost 20% of the US population moving in a year, new potential customers of varying demographics are always viewing your signs.  Electronic displays are a very versatile form of advertising.  These bright, attention grabbing signs give you the opportunity to display a dynamic message with current content.  A business can immediately respond to a competitor's radio, television or newspaper ad by creating and sending a response out to their 24/7/365 salesman right outside their door!

A truly eye-catching visual, electronic message centers often display the current time and temperature as well as utilize animation, color usage and graphic elements to create a visual impact to grab the viewer's attention.  Electronic Message Centers provide the quick and effective communication that is essential for every business or organization — whether you run a retail shop, auto dealer, church, school, restaurant or a financial institution.

Every business is unique.  We'll work with you to determine the right Electronic Message Center or Video Display Board for your budget and business needs.

Electronic Message Centers & Video Display Boards help a business in many ways.

  • They allow real-time communication with potential customers right outside your business.
  • They attract attention through animation and brightness so they increase awareness of your business location and your products.
  • Your message is not limited by the size of your reader board or to only one message.
  • The SBA (Small Business Administration) study showed that businesses that included an Electronic Message Center or Video Display Board realized a business volume increase ranging from 15 to 150%.  These displays pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time and, with a lifetime of 11 to 15 years of service to a business, anywhere from 9 to 15 of those years are spent building your business' bottom line and bank account.
  • No struggling with plastic reader board letters in the wind or the frigid winter months.
  • Not real creative in programming content for your LED display?  Watch this video for the solution.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAcOJuIllac&list=UUUvZkwH5QIAyboutLL6tf2w
  • What sets the Vantage LED products apart from the competition?  Watch this 1 minute 44 second video that explains why.     
  • An Online Resource for the Ever-Changing LED Display Industry      http://www.vantageled.blogspot.com
  • The "Cut-To-The-Chase" Version of Why To Purchase a Vantage LED Display

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