Multi-Tenant Pylon Signs

A multi-tenant pylon sign is typically provided by the landlord and/or developer of a commercial or business center property that will have multiple businesses sharing one parcel.

These freestanding sign displays are both single and double pylon structures and typically have the strip mall, shopping center or business center name near the top.  Often times, these displays also incorporate an electronic message center that is shared by the tenants.

Most anchor tenants require, as a condition of their lease, that a multi-tenant pylon sign be provided and that they occupy the top and largest tenant sign panel.

As part of our detailed proposal packet, we research the zoning of your parcel and what the sign code allows.  With this information, we visit the site to photo document the ingress/ egress, other business signs in both directions of your parcel to see how they might impact the placement and height of your sign display, and design features of your building, if already in place.  If the buidling's not in place, we work closely with your architect to ensure that the final design and sign display are a complement to the building's prominent design features.

Most often, we will use the exact same construction materials that are used on the buildings.  Internal illumination will be with either neon, LEDs or high output fluorescent lamps.  We take pride in designing displays that look great for a long time, require lower energy and maintenance with LED illumination, and don't rust by constructing the displays with all aluminum construction, except for the structural steel uprights and steel reinforcement in the concrete footings.

At MAGnificent Signs, we provide you with a quality constructed display at an extremely competitive price!

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